What it covers

What Does Our Builders Warranty Cover?

Structural Defects Coverage Highlights:

  • Foundational Issues: Coverage for structural defects in the foundation, including cracks, settlement, and subsidence, which compromise the stability and integrity of the building.
  • Roofing Problems: Protection against structural defects in the roof, such as leaks, sagging, or improper installation, ensuring the structural integrity of the property.
  • Protection Against Construction Flaws: Builders insurance offers coverage for structural defects resulting from errors, omissions, or faulty workmanship during construction projects.
  • Repair and Remediation Costs: Builders insurance helps cover the costs of repairing or remediating structural defects discovered during or after construction.
  • Extended Reporting Periods (ERP): Some builders insurance policies offer extended reporting periods (ERPs), also known as tail coverage, which allows you to report claims for structural defects even after the policy has expired or been canceled.

Defective Workmanship Coverage Highlights:

  • Faulty Installation: Coverage for defects resulting from poor workmanship or inadequate installation of building components, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.
  • Incomplete Work: Protection against incomplete or unfinished work that does not meet industry standards or contractual obligations.
  • Protection Against Workmanship Errors: Builders insurance provides coverage for losses arising from defective workmanship, including errors, omissions, or substandard construction practices during building projects.

Non-Structural Defects Coverage Highlights:

  • Interior Finishes: Coverage for non-structural defects in interior finishes, such as drywall cracks, flooring issues, or paint peeling, which affect the aesthetics and functionality of the property.
  • Cabinetry and Fixtures: Protection against defects in cabinetry, fixtures, and fittings, ensuring they meet quality standards and perform as intended.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Coordination: In cases where non-structural defects are related to defective products or materials, the builder’s warranty may coordinate with manufacturers’ warranties to facilitate repairs or replacements.
  • Coverage for Appliances and Fixtures: The warranty may extend coverage to appliances, fixtures, and built-in components installed by the builder, such as water heaters, kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures.

Waterproofing Failures Coverage Highlights:

  • Leak Protection: Coverage for waterproofing failures that result in water intrusion, such as leaks in showers, balconies, or basements, which can lead to moisture damage and mold growth.
  • Moisture Damage: Protection against damage caused by water penetration, including rot, decay, and deterioration of structural elements and building materials.
  • Protection Against Water Intrusion: A builder’s warranty provides coverage for waterproofing failures that result in water intrusion into the home or building.
  • Structural Damage Mitigation: In cases where waterproofing failures lead to structural damage, such as rot, mold growth, or deterioration of building materials, the warranty may cover the costs of mitigating the damage and restoring the structural integrity of the home or building.
  • Interior Damage Restoration: The warranty may extend coverage to interior damage caused by water intrusion, such as water stains, mold growth, warped flooring, or damaged drywall.

Appliances and Equipment Coverage Highlights:

  • Appliance Malfunctions: Coverage for malfunctions or defects in appliances and equipment installed by the builder, such as ovens, dishwashers, and water heaters, ensuring they operate properly.
  • Warranty Transfers: Some builders warranties may include coverage for appliances and equipment provided by manufacturers, with the warranty transferring to the homeowner upon completion of the construction.
  • Protection for Installed Appliances: A builder’s warranty insurance provides coverage for appliances that are installed as part of the new construction.
  • Coverage for Mechanical Failures: The warranty insurance covers mechanical failures or malfunctions of appliances and equipment within the specified warranty period.
  • Repair and Replacement Costs: In the event of covered appliance failures, the warranty insurance covers the costs of repairing or replacing the affected appliances.
  • Coordination with Manufacturer Warranties: For appliances covered by manufacturer warranties, the builder’s warranty insurance may coordinate with the manufacturer to facilitate repairs or replacements.

Statutory Requirements Coverage Highlights:

  • Compliance with Regulations: Assurance that the builders warranty complies with statutory requirements mandated by Australian building codes and regulations.
  • Consumer Rights: Protection of consumer rights under Australian consumer law, including guarantees for acceptable quality, fitness for purpose, and compliance with description.
  • Protection Against Regulatory Violations: The warranty insurance covers the costs of addressing regulatory violations or non-compliance issues identified during inspections or audits conducted by regulatory authorities.
  • Permit and Inspection Fees: In the event of regulatory compliance issues, the warranty insurance may cover permit fees and inspection costs associated with obtaining approvals or permits required for rectifying non-compliance issues.

Additional Options Coverage Highlights:

  • Extended Coverage: Options for extended coverage beyond the standard warranty period, offering increased protection and peace of mind for homeowners.
  • Additional Services: Some builders warranties may include additional services, such as inspections, maintenance, or dispute resolution assistance, to further support homeowners throughout the warranty period.